Frequently Asked Questions

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Are your services covered by my insurance?

Yes!  If you have a PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) Health Care Plan, such as Blue Cross or Blue Shield, you may verify your benefits with our Billing Agency, Innovative Medical Billing.  

Does my HSA or FSA cover your services?

Yes!  We provide an invoice to submit to your employer if needed.

Do I need a doctor if I have a midwife?

No. Midwives are Primary Care Providers for the normal prenatal, birth and postpartum period. 

Can a midwife order lab tests and ultrasounds?

Yes!  Most blood work is drawn in your home or in our office.  For anatomy ultrasounds we refer out to the closest clinic and provide you with a requisition order form.  For dating or positional ultrasounds, our office can provide this service.  

Do you work with doulas?

We love having doulas at home births!  However, if you are planing a hospital birth, a doula is unnecessary with our Integrated Model.  

Will my Kaiser HMO cover your services?

Unfortunately, no.  However, discounts may be available for Kaiser patients who qualify.  

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes!  Everyone is set up with a payment plan and we take personal checks, direct deposits or electronic payments through the Square Cash app.

What if I am choosing the Integrated Model?

If you are choosing our Integrated Midwifery Care model for your hospital delivery, we recommend engaging in a relationship with your chosen OB who will provide concurrent care.  

Can I have an epidural with midwifery care?

If you are choosing to birth at home with our team, an epidural is not an option.  We suggest renting a birth tub to help with managing discomfort.  If you choose our Integrated Midwifery Model for a hospital birth, we sincerely support your decision for an epidural. 

Where do the visits take place? 

For your prenatal care, we offer appointments in our office space Oakland Birth & Wellness.  As we are very passionate about the postpartum, we come to you!  Your final 6 week appointment is schedule back in the office.  


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